Do better, not more: my personal Kanban

I recently posted the entry below library’s site.  We have had a lot of interest among staff and have held 2 Learning Question and Answer sessions about the topic.  I always learn so much from their ideas and feedback.  I work with passionate, talented folks. We all struggle with balance… 

Most adults struggle at some point or another with  keeping up in today’s fast-paced world . I certainly do! Many of us suffer from work and information overload. We search for balance.  In their book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work, Navigating Life, Jim Benson  and Tonianne DeMaria Barry encourage us to visualize our work and limit multi-tasking.

Managing work schedules and balancing our personal lives is hard.  In the introduction for Personal Kanban, I love how Tom McCluskey (retired Deputy of Human Resources for the CIA) calls this our “crap to fun” ratio.

Kan – ban is a Japanese word for “sign board.”

I created my very own Kanban w/ Post-its and a white board (see “My Kanban” below).

Developing a Kanban can be considered a productivity tool, an efficiency tool or an effectiveness tool.

For me, creating a Personal Kanban is a clarity tool. It helps me understand my own human-ness.  There is a limit to my capacity.  I shouldn’t try to do too much (my mama always told me this). I am continually having to re-evaluate priorities.  Sometimes my priorities change and so does my Kanban.

My Kanban:

My Kanban

A co-worker’s cool Kanban made w/ Post-it Tape:

Kanban Example


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