New Employee Experience Transformed

Enjoyed presenting at ALA in Chicago this summer at The Good,
Bad and Ugly of Training at the Library

My amazing colleague co-presented with me about some of the good, bad and ugly we have experienced while overhauling our New Employee Experience.

A few highlights below—

Since 2010, efforts have been made to engage staff systemwide in the strategic planning process here at Richland Library. Through a series of customer experience workshops, our brand promises were developed – they define how we want our customers to view the library.  These promises are made to our customers and are guiding principles for staff.  We wanted this to be reflected in all of our processes – including in our New Employee Orientation

We wanted to transform our thinking about training New Employees; rather than an event, NEXT is a series of milestones, learning opportunities and gatherings encompassing the entire 1st year of employment.  We want to provide opportunities for not just immediate supervisors, personnel and training to be involved in the onboarding process.

NEXT Spectrum

There are many aspects of this SPECTRUM – one being what you think might be a traditional 4 hour training at the Main Library, but in trying to keep our promises to each other – we make every effort to keep the event fun, using various games.  One of which is the Main Event Pass. The Main Event Pass contains a series of self-directed activities that A) inform the New Employee and help them become more familiar with our organizational culture B) Give us a chance to learn more about the employee C) Have fun.

Main Event Pass

The Main Event Pass and the digital tools developed below are some of our GOOD.  The experiential learning modules aid in retention and help make the orientation experience exciting. They are all available in the Staff  Learning Portal (part of our Intranet hosted on Microsoft SharePoint).

Branching Out Library Lexicon

But, why didn’t we think about how difficult it can be to find those blasted training rooms!  We ended up creating a bread crumb trail of signage leading to our Board Room (where The Main Event for New Employees currently takes place).  Our staff entrance is below.  Pretty non-descript.  It’s all part of the experience!  That’s what we are working so hard to communicate to these new colleagues.  By George, we better be practicing what we preach!!

Staff Entrance


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