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A Library Learning Philosophy Journey

  Richland Library is about a medium to large public, county funded system.  We currently have 12 locations and about 400 staff.  We have a Learning Engagement Department of 4: 3 amazingly talented folks and me, the – the crazy manager.  The information below was created in partnership with our Learning Engagement Librarian,  Chief of Program and … Continue reading

Playing at Work Improved My Life

Over a year ago, Richland Library began a staff play initiative.  It changed my life. First, a little background… “Project Play” started as a staff initiative to honor the memory of a dear colleague, Valerie Rowe-Jackson.  Whether doing karaoke, singing, storytelling or going to see a musical, nobody had more fun than Valerie.  She was … Continue reading


#StaffItUp is an ongoing initiative for Richland Library employees to learn from and with each other.  We believe that library programs and classes are some of the best learning opportunities around and we want staff to have opportunities to learn alongside our customers. There are currently 3 layers: The StaffItUp Adventure, Spotlight, or Learning Proposal.  … Continue reading

Putting Readers First

RF Presentation – Full A colleague and I recently presented about Readers First at our State conference (http://scla.org/). Richland Library is a signatory library to this smart movement to improve discoverability and access of econtent for our readers. Libraries have a responsibility to ensure that users have the same open, easy, and free access to … Continue reading

Do better, not more: my personal Kanban

I recently posted the entry below library’s site.  We have had a lot of interest among staff and have held 2 Learning Question and Answer sessions about the topic.  I always learn so much from their ideas and feedback.  I work with passionate, talented folks. We all struggle with balance…  Most adults struggle at some … Continue reading

New Employee Experience Transformed

Enjoyed presenting at ALA in Chicago this summer at The Good, Bad and Ugly of Training at the Library. My amazing colleague co-presented with me about some of the good, bad and ugly we have experienced while overhauling our New Employee Experience. A few highlights below— Since 2010, efforts have been made to engage staff … Continue reading

ABBE Regional Library System

Thank you to the ABBE Regional Library System for having me at your Staff Education Day. Resources used for this presentation: ABBE ebook Cheat Sheet ABBE eBook How To Guide ABBE Kindle How To Guide Common Craft Kaywa QR Code Generator More about QR Codes MorgueFile Free Photo Archive RCPL eReady Slideshare Wordle ABBE Regional … Continue reading

More About QR Codes

Unlike traditional bar codes which only contain information horizontally, QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are designed in a matrix style with information in both horizontal and vertical directions. When scanned, QR Codes can cause mobile phones to perform a certain action like opening a browser window or email client. Also, QR Codes can be read … Continue reading

Freegal App is here

Staff has been buzzing about the new Freegal app. The most talked about issue so far has been that songs seem to stay within the app for Apple products (won’t automatically sync with iTunes library). We can certainly manually transfer into iTunes library on a computer (like this). Even though, this is so much more … Continue reading

eReady RCPL

eBooks: The New Normal

In October of 2011 I participated in the Library Journal/School Library Journal Virtual Summit: eBooks – The New Normal. I had a wonderful time sharing about Richland County Public Library’s eReady initiative through the Public Libraries Panel eBooks: Strategy (Not) Required. I wanted to share my slides and comments. eReady View more presentations from liblyon (Slide … Continue reading